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    When posting on this sub-forum remember that you need to leave a good impression on the staff. You are asking the staff for a favor, so do it politely and as ordered as you can. If we see an appeal in FULL CAPS we will probably not even look at it seriously.

    Use this format for your appeal:
    (replace text after : with answer)

    Username: Minecraft name
    Banned date: Does not have to be exact
    Banned by: Leave empty if you don't know.
    Ban reason: Reason given to you when you try to login
    Server: (i.e. Horizons 3)
    Explain why you should not be banned: Please provide any information that could help clearing the case.

    Comments on others' ban appeal should be relevant to the subject, appropriate and concise. When posting a comment in this section of the forums, you are either supporting the person for an unban or not, your statement should be well backed up and explained to persuade staff members of lifting the ban or not

    Any appeals/comments not complying to these guidelines will be removed without question.

    Staff :D
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