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Current Modpack Versions and IP Addresses:
FTB Direwolf20 1.12; MC Version 1.12.2; Modpack Version 2.1.0 ; IP: dw20.phoenixden.net
Hey there, guys!

The direwolf20 1.12 server has been update to version 1.8.0 (release). There have been no changes to the pack that will impact your guys, so nothing to worry about.

IP: dw20.phoenixden.net

- merjilin and the Administration team
We are holding a Build Event allowing players to showcase their Talents.

Theme: Spawn
Date: 22nd January - 28th January (1 Week)
Location: Events Server
IP: Events.phoenixden.net

Update 21/1/2018
- Each player will be given a plot to build in.
- Each Plot is 32x32
- Plots are Private, so don't worry about other's stealing your ideas

Check the Discord for more updates as it will be updated first
Hey there, guys!

Due to issues regarding Direwolf20's 1.4.0 update, we have updated the server to 1.5.0 BETA Release. You will need to force update your client to 1.5.0 in order to play on our server!

IP: dw20.phoenixden.net

- PhoenixDen Administration Team
As you are all aware we had to shut down the FTB Horizons server due to technical difficulties. However, fear not as a new fix for your modded minecraft addiction has now been launched on our server in the form of Direwolf20, currently the server is on 1.4.0 but this may be updated shortly.

Come join us in the fun at dw20.phoenixden.net!

We look forward to seeing you on there
Well this was inevitable wasn't it. FTB Horizons III ran into some registry issues, meaning IDs have been swamped across the server.
Because of this issue we will no longer be hosting the modpack and instead we are currently working on a Direwolf 20 1.12 server and a Project Ozone lite server is also in the works
Hey there, guys!

We're almost ready to expand into another modpack, and we want to know what you, as a community, want us to host next!

Please vote here:

If you choose other, please make sure to create a new thread on the forums under Community > Suggestions
- Also, please check out other people's suggestions and start discussions.

We will be reviewing the poll results on January 1st and making a decision shortly after.

- Phoenix Den Administration Team